Material Fact – EcoRodovias won Northwest Lot

ECORODOVIAS INFRAESTRUTURA E LOGÍSTICA S.A. (“Company” or “EcoRodovias”) and its direct subsidiary ECORODOVIAS CONCESSÕES E SERVIÇOS S.A. (“ECS”), pursuant paragraph 4 of article 157 of Federal Law 6,404/76, as amended, and Resolution 44/21 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, hereby inform their shareholders and the market that ECS won International Bid nº. 02/2022 held by the São Paulo State Public Transportation Services Regulatory Agency – ARTESP (“ARTESP”) to operate, for 30 years from the date of signing of the initial transfer agreement (“Concession Term”), the Northwest Lot Highway System (“Northwest Lot”), consisting of highway stretches currently operated by the concessionaires AB Triângulo do Sol (442.2 km), TEBE (158.2 km) and an additional stretch of 0.6 km, totaling 601 km.

The adjudication was due to the winning fixed concession fee offered by ECS of R$1,236.6 million. Payment will be made before the concession agreement is signed, which could occur up to 30 days before the end of the current concession agreement with AB Triângulo do Sol, scheduled for April 2023.

The Northwest Lot comprises five highway stretches in the interior of São Paulo state, in the regions of São José do Rio Preto, Araraquara, São Carlos and Barretos, including SP 310 (Washington Luís Highway), an important logistics corridor for the transport of agricultural products and fertilizers. The other stretches are used to transport fuel, machinery and equipment, and construction materials.

The concession agreements of current operators, AB Triângulo do Sol and TEBE, will end on 04/30/2023 and 03/03/2025, respectively.

Expansion works include 123 km of duplication, 147 km of additional lanes, 26 km of frontage roads, 75 km of bicycle paths and 42 footbridges.

The Northwest Lot generates EBITDA from the start of the concession and lengthens the duration of the EcoRodovias’s portfolio. The winning offer clearly demonstrates the Company’s commitment to growth with sustainable returns and financial discipline. The acquisition of this asset is consistent with EcoRodovias’ strategy of focusing on highway concession assets that generate value for shareholders. Including this concession, the Company’s network will be composed of 11 highway concession assets, totaling 4,700 km, and will consolidate its position as Brazil’s largest highway asset management company based on kilometers managed.

The concession agreement has important innovations aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) best practices, notably: (A) Environmental: implementation of the Zero Carbon Program to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions from the operations of the future highway concessionaire in the highway system and the gradual conversion of the ten toll plazas across the highway network to the free automatic system between the 2nd and 7th year of operation (from the start of the concession term), in order to improve traffic and reduce environmental pollution, with the risk of evasion fully assumed by the Concession Authority; (B) Social: implementation of the International Road Assessment Program (iRap), a road safety program focused on reducing accidents and the risk of deaths on highways, implementation of a connectivity system across the concession stretches for communication between users and the customer service team, installation of three rest areas for truck drivers, and regional development through the estimated generation of over 30,000 jobs (direct, indirect and income effect); and (C) Governance: concession agreement with clauses establishing mechanisms for settling disputes; amicable resolution of conflicts; arbitration; dispute board; and transparency in agreements with related parties.

After the end of the period for appeals related to the documents submitted, ARTESP will ratify and formally announce the results of the auction.

EcoRodovias reaffirms its commitment to its obligations as a publicly held company listed on the Novo Mercado segment of B3, and will disclose all and any material information in accordance with applicable laws.


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São Paulo, September 15, 2022

Marcello Guidotti
CEO and Investor Relations Officer
EcoRodovias Infraestrutura e Logística S.A.
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Hugo Rafael Mitz
Investor Relations Officer
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