Corporate Structure and Controlling Shareholder

Controlling Shareholder

Gruppo ASTM, the current controlling shareholder of the Company, has vast experience in the infrastructure sector and helps EcoRodovias to evaluate projects through its expertise and competitive advantages. ASTM, the world’s second largest highway concession operator, with vast expertise in the construction and engineering, highway concession, freight transportation, ports and logistics, shipbuilding and other industries, reinforces the long-term strategic vision of EcoRodovias, focusing on Brazil’s highway concession sector.


ASTM with Vision 2045

Vision 2045 is a global initiative that, through a series of short documentaries, tells the story of leading international companies that stand out for driving change, towards a new era based on sustainable action and social impact. Linked to the important 100th anniversary of the United Nations, the aim of the project is to support the goals of the UN, inspiring organizations to actively participate in the creation of a better society.


In this context, the ASTM Group was called upon to represent the Infrastructure and Construction sector. We are proud to promote this prestigious initiative and to be part of it together with other companies that, like us, are characterized by the adoption of sustainable and responsible behavior.