Vision, Mission and Values ​

Business vision

To be the best sustainable highway infrastructure manager in Brazil.

EcoRodovias seeks to balance the interests of diverse stakeholders, with the available resources, in order to deliver the best overall results for the EcoRodovias Group, considering the long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Business mission

To create value by employing highway assets in a sustainable, synergistic, ethical and innovative manner.

EcoRodovias exists to create environmental, social and economic value in a balanced manner for all stakeholders through constant pursuit of conception, attraction and operation of current and new businesses, within the highest ethical standards. Fostering synergy and innovation across all aspects and levels strengthens the company’s efficiency and competitiveness.



Our Values, our Way of Acting and Thinking.

The beliefs that guide our actions are based on the following values:

Collaboration: Synergy and cooperation between people and teams in building solutions.

Ethics: Integrity, transparency and fairness in relations and in operations, marked by plurality and diversity.

Focus on results: Excellence, planning, commitment, efficiency and synergistic business model in the pursuit of sustainable results.

Initiative: Protagonism, innovation and creativity to generate outstanding results that add value.

Sustainability: Attitudes that seek long-term economic growth, respect to the environment and contribution for the development of employees and the society.