CHAPTER VI – Fiscal Year, Profits, Reserves and Dividends

Article 24. The fiscal year shall commence on January 1 and shall end on December 31 of each year, when the financial statements provided for by the applicable laws shall be drawn up.

Article 25. After legal deductions, the net income for the year shall have the destination resolved at the General Meeting, from proposal submitted by Management, after hearing the Fiscal Council, if it is operating.

Article 26. Shareholders are entitled to a mandatory dividend of at least, twenty-five per cent (25%) of the net income adjusted as provided for by Article 202 of Law 6,404/76.

Article 27. The Company, by resolution of the Board of Directors, may pay interest on capital, under the limits of law, which shall be attributed to the mandatory dividend referred to in the previous Article.

Article 28. The dividends not claimed within a three-(3) year period after the date when these were made available to shareholders shall revert to the Company.

Article 29. The Company, by means of majority resolution of members of the Board of Directors, may draw up interim, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual balance sheets, and distribute the profits evidenced therein, which shall be carried to the account of profit verified in these balance sheets, as long as the total of dividends paid during the fiscal year does not exceed the amount of capital reserves referred to by Paragraph 1 of Article 182 of Law 6,404/76.

Article 30. Every net income not allocated, as provided for by laws, to the legal reserve, reserve for contingencies, profit retention estimated in capital budget approved at the General Meeting or unrealized profit reserves shall be distributed as dividends.