CHAPTER IX – Delisting from the “Novo Mercado”

Article 33. Delisting from “Novo Mercado” shall be preceded by a public tender offer that complies with the procedures established in the CVM regulations for public tender offers in case of deregistration as a publicly held company, in accordance with specific requirements of the “Novo Mercado” Regulation.

Sole Paragraph: The voluntary delisting from “Novo Mercado” may occur regardless of the public tender offer referred to in the head paragraph of article 33 if its waiver is approved by the general meeting, according to specific requirements of “Novo Mercado” Regulation.

Article 34. In the event of corporate restructuring involving the transfer of the Company’s shareholding base, the resulting companies shall request their adhesion to the “Novo Mercado” within one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of the general meeting that approved said restructuring.

Sole Paragraph: If the corporate restructuring involves resulting companies that do not intend to request adhesion to “Novo Mercado”, the majority of holders of the Company’s outstanding shares attending the general meeting shall approve this structure.

Article 35. The Company’s mandatory delisting from “Novo Mercado” Rules depends on the materialization of the public tender offer, at least, by the shares fair value to be verified in appraisal report referred to by Article 32 hereof, observing the applicable legal rules and regulations.