9. Management Of The Code Of Conduct

9.1. Approval

This Code of Conduct and respective reviewed versions shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

9.2. Management

Leaders in all levels shall set the example of ethical behavior for other employees and shall ensure that colleagues and commercial partners are aware and comply with the provisions of this Code. Leaders shall also ensure that employees have received adequate training about this Code and other internal policies of the Company.

Created to investigate conducts that violate the Code of Conduct of Grupo EcoRodovias, the Ethics Committee has the responsibility to receive and decide on all reports coming from employees, partners, users, clients and suppliers of goods and services. The reports shall be classified and remain under confidentiality from start till closing of the case.

The Ethics Committee of Grupo EcoRodovias is also responsible to:

Members of the Ethics Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of Grupo EcoRodovias.

The composition of the Ethics Committee and the manner to contact its members shall be widely and formally disseminated, thus ensuring that all employees are aware.