3. Principles

While conducting business and daily professional activities, the employees of Grupo EcoRodovias, to whom this Code of Conduct applies, shall follow the principles hereinafter described, and shall always guide their conduct by:

3.1. Equality

Equal and undiscriminating treatment of all employees, users, clients, suppliers of goods and services, companies associated by joint ventures and consortia, investors and other business partners of the Company.

3.2. Responsibility

  1. For the good management of the investment and for the protection of shareholders‘ assets;
  2. For the development and sustainable growth of business, keeping and expanding work opportunities particularly in the communities where we operate;
  3. in order to comply with sustainability requirements, in particular of socio-environmental, economic, ethical and cultural natures, with the promotion of human rights, always integrating them in our management practices with a goal to ensure their balance and to permanently meet the needs of our stakeholders, herein defined in chapter 4;
  4. For building a relationship of trust between shareholders‘ representatives and the employees;
  5. For the increase of productivity, innovation, technological evolution and waste reduction, and continued improvement of processes;
  6. For the professional development and improvement of the life quality of employees.

3.3. Transparency

Prioritizing the simultaneous dissemination of information, and avoiding leakage of privileged information.