CHAPTER VII – Arbitration Court

Article 31. The Company, its shareholders, Management and members of the Fiscal Council, sitting members and deputy members (if applicable), hereby undertake to settle, by means of arbitration proceeding before the Market Arbitration Panel, pursuant to its regulations, any disputes that may occur between them, related to or arising from their condition as issuer, shareholders, managers and members of the fiscal council, mainly arising out of provisions contained in Law 6,385/76, Law 6,404/76, in the Bylaws, the rules enacted by the Brazilian Monetary Council, the Central Bank of Brazil or the CVM, as well as other rules applicable to the operation of the capital markets in general, besides those contained in the “Novo Mercado” Rules, other B3 Regulations and “Novo Mercado” Listing Agreement.

Paragraph 1. The Brazilian laws shall be the only one applicable to the merit of any and all controversy, as well as the execution, construal and validity of the arbitration clause mentioned above.

Paragraph 2. Without prejudice to the validity of this arbitration clause, urgent measures requested by parties before the creation of the Arbitration Panel shall be sent to the Judiciary Branch, pursuant to item 5.1.3 of the Arbitration Rules of the Market Arbitration Panel.