CHAPTER IV – Fiscal Council

Article 19. The Fiscal Council, composed of three (3) members and equal number of deputy members, shall only operate in the fiscal years when it is instated by resolution at the General Meeting as per shareholder’s request, pursuant to laws.

Paragraph 1. The investiture of the Fiscal Council members shall be subject to the previous signature of instrument of investiture, drawn up in the minutes book of the Fiscal Council Meetings, according to the terms enacted by laws, which shall include their agreement with the arbitration clause referred to in article 31 of these Bylaws, as well as in compliance with applicable legal requirements. The Fiscal Council’s members, immediately after the investiture shall notify B3 about the amount and characteristics of securities issued by the Company to which they are holders, directly or indirectly, including derivatives.

Paragraph 2. The Fiscal Council’s members shall be replaced by respective deputies during their absences and temporary impediments, as well as in the event of vacancy in any of the positions.

Article 20. The General Meeting to elect the Fiscal Council‘s members shall establish their compensation and approve the body‘s internal regulations.