10. Doubts And Violation Events

The provisions of this Code of Conduct allow the assessment of a large spectrum of situations, but does not necessarily cover all the problems that may arise in the daily routine. Therefore, doubts may arise concerning how to act in face of a particular situation. In such cases, the employee is expected to:

  1. Communicate with his/her immediate superior whenever there is doubt or knowledge of facts that violate the provisions of this Code;
  2. If not possible or convenient, by any reason, to communicate with his/her immediate superior, or if this has already happened without results, the employee shall directly contact the Ethics Committee through the following channels:

Third parties may also contact the above mentioned channels in case of doubt or violation.

The Company ensures the full confidentiality of the communication and that there will be no form for retaliation against those who report any suspected violation to this Code. The Company, however, reserves the right to enforce disciplinary measures upon employees that deliberately report a false accusation or provide false information.

Anonymity is also guaranteed to the person who reports, as well as the person under investigation, during the entire investigation process by the Ethics Committee.