The Board of Directors consists of at least five (5) and not more than ten (10) members (at least 20% of them being independent members), appointed by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of EcoRodovias, pursuant to the law and the Regulations of the BMF/Bovespa Novo Mercado.

The directors shall be appointed for a joint term of office of two (2) years, with reelection being permitted.

The Board of Directors shall have a Chairman chosen by the members. In the event that the Chairman of the Board is absent or unable to perform his functions, he shall appoint a member of the board as his deputy.

If a position on the board falls vacant, due to the decease or resignation of a director, his deputy, if any, shall replace him until the end of his term of office. If the General Meeting dismisses a director, whether or not for cause, it shall appoint a substitute. Vacancies occurring for other reasons shall be filled by resolution of the General Meeting.

For the full list of the elected members of the Company’s Board of Directors and their name, position and election date, access our Management and Board of Directors page.

Click here to access the complete Internal Regulations for the Board of Directors.