Chapter II Principles

2.1 – The persons referred to in item 1.2 of Chapter I of these Policies must carry out their functions in the best interest of the Company, always in strict observance of the following principles:

2.1.1- Values. To model their conduct on the values of good-faith, loyalty and truth.

2.1.2- Social Responsibility. To observe Ecorodovias’ social responsibility, especially to investors, employees, and the community in which the Company operates.

2.1.3- Efficiency. To ensure that the competition between investors for better returns is based on the analysis and interpretation of disclosed information and not on access to privileged information.

2.1.4- Transparency. To keep transparent all information relative to Ecorodovias, disclosing it in timely and accurate manners, so that it becomes a tool for assuring fair treatment to the investing public and Company shareholders.

2.1.5- Uniform Relations. To maintain a uniform relationship with participants and opinion makers in the securities market.

2.1.6- Correct Disclosure of Information. To ensure the accuracy, completeness and continuity of Ecorodovias information that is disclosed relative to the financial condition of the Company, as well as to ensure that this disclosure is done by the officers charged with this function and in the ways prescribed in these Policies and prevailing regulations.