Sustainable Development

Initiatives that contribute to the social and cultural development of the diverse stakeholder groups of Ecorodovias and which benefit the environment are very important for the Group’s management.

Ecorodovias is aware of the Group’s vocation to provide public utility services and of its social and environmental responsibilities and hence, in 2011, joined the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of BMF&BOVESPA on the back of its solid economic and financial health and its commitment to constantly qualified and sustainable growth, and has remained in the index since then.

Reflecting its efforts to maintain social and environmental quality standards, as well as health and safety standards, all its toll road concession units have the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. These duly certified integrated management systems drive all the strategies established at the holding company.

The company also follows the guidelines on human rights, labor and services provided to society, complies with the laws of Brazil, enters into and honors agreements with labor unions and voluntarily joins social responsibility initiatives, such as the Global Compact and the Right Way program.

The concessionaires interact positively with local communities and constantly implement actions aimed at mitigating problems and contributing to their social, cultural and sports development.

The company is aware of the global problem of climate change and has a broadly disseminated its policy on the issue, whose highlights are:


Sustainability Committees

Corporate Sustainability Committee
The Corporate Sustainability Committee advises the Executive Board and the Board of Directors on social and environmental projects. Its members meet four times a year to discuss the agendas proposed by the Sustainability Advisory Committee. They also decide on the allocation of funds from tax incentive laws to projects such as Ecoviver, De Bem com a Via and so forth, as well as guide the activities of the Sustainability Committees in the business units.

Sustainability Committee of the Business Units
The Sustainability Committee is composed of six members and a coordinator, who meet every two months and submit their proposals to the Executive Board. Their main duties include: to facilitate the company’s transition to long-term management, guided by corporate social responsibility indicators, contributing to EcoRodovias’ economic, social and environmental performance; to disseminate socially responsible management within the Company; to mediate the relations between the different stakeholders; to facilitate the implementation of GRI indicators within the Organization; to propose social and environmental responsibility programs and projects.

Social and Environmental Projects and Initiatives


Launched in April 2006, Ecoviver is the first major social and environmental responsibility program to be sponsored by EcoRodovias. Focused on environmental education for elementary students from public schools in municipalities near the highways managed by the Group companies, the program was designed to promote environmental awareness by raising the interest of children and teenagers in environment preservation, and engaging teachers, students and society in the proposal of solutions for waste generation and accumulation in their communities. The project shows how to reduce the environmental impact of solid waste based on the three R concept: recycle, reduce and reuse, using the topic “Waste can be turned into art!” as a guide.

Santa Claus Does Exist

Instead of traditional Christmas cards and gifts, the Company sends out a folder containing a short letter written by a child in need, addressed to Santa Claus. The participants receive a Christmas card with a code that entitles them to “adopt” a child. To take part in the campaign, simply enter the code on the website In their short letters, the children select the gift they would like to receive, from among options that include “ball,” “toy car,” “doll” and “game.” As the letters receive responses through the website, the company purchases and delivers the presents, which include a letter from Santa Claus. More than 70 institutions have been served and approximately 25,000 children have benefitted from the project since 2006.

Other social and environmental projects

The concessionaires also develop programs focused on reducing accidents, improving the health of their users, combating the sexual exploitation of children and sponsoring sports, among others.

Corporate Governance – Overview

At EcoRodovias, governance is intended to contribute to creating shareholder value, respecting the relationships with stakeholders. Thus, the Company strongly believes that the adoption of best corporate governance practices will contribute to its success and prosperity in the long run.

– Executive Board and Board of Directors 
The Company’s Board of Directors comprises eleven members (two of whom independent). During the annual review process, the Board will determine whether the number of members is adequate to meet its demands. Its members meet every two months and, in general terms, establish strategic guidelines, monitor the executives and evaluate the Company’s performance. In addition to its legal responsibilities, it is responsible for approving the company’s main investment decisions.

– Executive Board
The executive board is composed of six statutory officers: the CEO, the Executive Vice-President, the CFO, the Business Development Officer, the Chief Logistics Officer and the Investor Relations Officer. There are also the Superintendent Officers responsible for each one of the five concessioners. As a result, the group operates in synergy, following policies that are common to all concessionaires managed by the holding company.

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