People Management

To become Brazil’s most profitable infrastructure and logistics services integrator, EcoRodovias relies on an important strategic partner: its employees, who contribute to achieving the company’s mission day after day.

With commitment, professionalism, confidence, respect and initiative, the qualified professionals at EcoRodovias strengthen the group’s values and image in its outstanding operations in the country’s main import and export corridors as well as the tourism sector.

With seven highway concessions, 15 logistics units, a port complex and 6,000 employees in Brazil’s South and Southeast regions, EcoRodovias is considered one of the best companies to work for, according to surveys by Você S/A, Exame and Época magazines.

These achievements reflect the EcoRodovias group’s good management practices for appreciating the personal and professional worth of its employees. The group lays emphasis on a healthy working environment through constant monitoring and initiatives to improve the organizational climate.

Human Development
The Human Resources department organizes initiatives whose objectives go well beyond benefits, such as meal tickets, transportation vouchers, private pension plan and medical and dental plans. Initiatives that focus on well-being and add value to the career of employees, providing opportunities for human development in a more effective manner.

These include the EcoRodovias Performance Appraisal Program (PADE), which gives employees a better understanding of their potential and draw up plans for improvement, always with the Company’s encouragement.

Communication and Recognition 
Aware that its success depends on the alignment and commitment of its employees, EcoRodovias maintains internal communication channels for the transparent and responsible dissemination of the group’s ideas and objectives, the appreciation of individual achievements and sharing of positive experiences.

The company also encourages communications between managers and their teams as a means of identifying the skills of each employee, which can be improved through training programs offered by the group. For EcoRodovias, believing in each employee means investing in the group’s consolidated presence as one of Brazil’s largest logistics infrastructure companies.